We measure benefits through the value our users gain by leveraging our platform

More than product features, we focus on ensuring our platform provides solution to the various challenges that customer engagement managers face and how our solution results in greater ROI for both our IT partners and the customers they serve in different industry verticals.

360°Ecosystem Engagement

As Customer Engagement Managers, we strongly believe that by not engaging the ecosystem Efficiently and Effectively, Information Technology (IT) companies lose millions of $ dollars in missed opportunities.

engaizIT™ helps improve conversion ratio by 30-50%

  • Have you ever struggled with not being up to date on the latest industry trends, your companies service offerings and key differentiators that applies to your Customer industry segment and thereby missing out on the opportunity?
  • How are you managing your Key Employee Retention and Attrition Risk, Productivity & Morale? Does this not eat into your topline growth and more importantly leading to lower Customer Satisfaction?
  • Your Alliance Partners can help open doors for your company’s services and vice-versa? How familiar are you with your partner account managers and their offerings? Is your competition taking the lead in developing a joint Go-To-Market with your alliance partners?
  • Does your company manage its representation and placement with Industry Analyst firms? Does your company have access to research reports?
  • Do you know how to uniquely position your company and differentiate from your Competitors? How about access to competitor intelligence?

Governance Dashboards & Reports

Be it an Account Manager of a single customer account or a Business Unit Head managing a large IT Services business portfolio, intelliNGage Dashboards & Reports helps in providing Insights from your ecosystem, Oversight of the Customer Accounts and Foresight through intelliNGage predictive analytics

engaizIT™ provides on-demand management dashboards and reports delivered directly to your mailbox so you don’t need to run after your team every time.

  • As Business Unit Head, whether you head a geography or industry vertical or a sub-vertical you will have top-down view of your business unit and the ability to drill-down to the account level dashboards.
  • As Account / Delivery Owner, you will have complete view of your customer account – all in one dashboard.

Your Trusted Cognitive Advisor

Above all, move from being a vendor to a Trusted Advisor and Partner. wOviya™ – Your Trusted Cognitive Advisor is always available 24x7 to answer your questions, so you are always prepared for your customer

wOviya™ is always learning powered by Google’s machine learning and is ready to help

  • Ask wOviya™ - Anything ranging from customer personality, hobbies, employee skills, project health to revenue , pipeline, contracts, invoices and receivables and the list goes on…
  • Ask wOviya™ – ‘How does your current quarter revenue look?’ ; ’What is the revenue for Q1 or January 2018?’
  • Ask wOviya™ – ‘Who is the blockchain expert within your team?’ ; ‘Who is available for a new project starting next month that requires data visualization skills?
  • Do you know wOviya™ can also speak - engaging voice and text-based conversational interfaces, such as voice apps and chatbots, powered by AI.